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Those who CAN, teach…

The old adage about teaching has been turned on its head, never more so than in the sporting arena

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You won’t bee-lieve it

Bee pollen boasts an impressive nutritional profile

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Turn your daily routine into a fitness routine

Tips to help you turn your daily trip in the lockdown into a fitness routine

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Be kind to your gut

Follow these top tips to improve your gut health

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Nourish Goats Kefir


A refreshingly tangy goats milk kefir which is rich in billions of gut friendly probiotics.

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No.1 Kombucha Passion Fruit


Organic Kombucha Lightly Sparkling Fermented Green tea drink with passion gruit and goji which is dairy and gluten free.

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Prebiotic Oaty Clusters


Suitable for vegetarians these Prebiotic oaty clusters contain natural prebiotic chicory root fibre, helping support digestive hea

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Captain Kombucha


Fermented with Captain Kombucha culture this naturally bubbly drink has unique nutritional benefits using certified BIO ingredients.

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Remedy Raw Coconut Water Kefir


Nurtured from traditional kefir grains, this traditionally fermented coconut water is packed with natural and healthy organic acids.

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