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When inspiration leads to injury

Research shows that being inspired to get active by big sporting events can quickly lead to injury

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Stay cool when muscle ache strikes

Started a new exercise regime and now feeling sore? Cold therapy could be…

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How your body reacts to a run

Everyone who loves to run knows that there are phases of how you feel during each and every jog.

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Best foot forward

They’re placed under max pressure. Now’s the time to put feet first…

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Pain in the knee

Education provided by specialist rehab physiotherapist Anna … Read More

Check your head

Apps to stimulate peaceful reflection… Read More

Tame that machine

For an all-round fitness workout, jump on a rowing machine a… Read More

Winter colds, flus & the blues

Colds, flu and the dreaded blues… whilst winter has a tonne … Read More

Feet first

When it comes to body parts, they get the toughest deal work… Read More

Hello Boogie Bounce!

It’s goodbye to boring cardio and hello to Boogie Bounce! Read More

Protein – not just for body builders!

You’d be forgiven for associating increased protein intake w… Read More

Welcome more protein onto your plate

Started a new fitness regime and looking to boost your prote… Read More

Rainbow Salad Protein Wrap

This recipe is quick and easy to put together and packed ful… Read More

Warming up and cooling down

It’s vital to warm up before exercise, and cool down once yo… Read More

Protein for life

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Tone Def

Define your muscles and improve your core strength with our … Read More

How to maintain a healthy shoulder

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or Olympic athlete, ensurin… Read More


To improve flexibility, avoid injury and establish good over… Read More

Supplements for cyclists

Cycling can be on the track or on the road, it can be a comp… Read More

Vitamin spotlight: C

Vitamin C is an important building block for the body. It is… Read More

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Sambucus Elderberry (60)


A deliciously gummy way to get that quick Vit-C fix. These elderberry beauties pack 150% of your RDA.

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Ricola Natural Throat Drops


Light & refreshing relief from dry, scratchy throats containing 10 Swiss mountain herbs. Yum!

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Super Lysine Cream Treatment


Eliminate winter’s worst guest – cold sores – the natural way. 14 vitamins, herbs & minerals packed inside.

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Kneipp Eucalyptus Bath Tablets


The wonderfully natural aroma of eucalyptus essential oil will help you breathe easier when a cold strikes.

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Comvita Kids Manuka Honey


Immunity-boosting, Vit D & C-packed mix of manuka honey, thyme, rewarewa & marshmallow. Little ones will love it.

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