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Strike a pose

Downward dog or cobra? LK gets to grips with this go-to workout for fitness fanatics

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Delicious (but donít eat!) skincare products to brighten up your beauty bag or bathroom.

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Moa Dreamy Mineral Soak


Himalayan pink salt and sea salt combine to purify skin and reawaken circulation. Smells divine.

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Big Strong Man Moisture


Award-winning oil that softens, hydrates and soothes those pesky irritations and razor burns.

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The Body Shop Lipscuff


Gentle lip buffer extraordinaire. Goodbye dead skins cells, hello smooth, super-soft kissable pout!

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Fenugeek solid shampoo


Dry hair is a wintery nightmare, so soften and moisturise with this 100% natural, UK-made wonder-bar.

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