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Hair-raisin’ cupcakes

Kids will love this recipe for a sweet and seasonal treat that’s spooktacular-ly easy to make

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Fitness food

Plant-based athletes have come a long way since being handed tired-looking plates of cheese at school

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Get the gut glow

Dr Megan’s Rossi's quick eating and exercise tips…

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Fuelling your brain

A delicious mood-boosting, mind-enhancing recipe

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Going green in the kitchen

By changing a few kitchen habits you can be kinder to the planet

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How to fuel your daily exercise

Duathlete Dan Tate and triathlete Jemima Cooper certainly kn… Read More

Mood boosting foods

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Top up your lockdown energy levels

Whether you’re doing you need to ensure you’re not running o… Read More

Five foods to boost your immune system

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Good gut recipe

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Top products for vegan gut health

These vegan friendly probiotics will help keep your gut heal… Read More

How to host the perfect summer BBQ

Forget pricey eateries, this summer, fun dining with friends… Read More

Vegan myths – busted

The number of vegans in the UK continues to rise, but a batc… Read More

Help! I don’t like water!

You want to stay hydrated, but you run a mile when someone t… Read More

Help save the rhino, reach for a healthy snack

Discover how Cruga Biltong are helping save endangered rhino… Read More

Food trends to look out for

Discover the new food trends emerging this year Read More

Olive oil – A doctor’s favourite

The health benefits of olive oil are plenty – from lowering … Read More

Fish the right way

Let Becky Selengut educate you on the ethics or sourcing and… Read More

To Snack, or not?

Active people are likely to eat more snacks but is this good… Read More

Drink to good health

Think you’ve got to cut out the cocktails just because it’s … Read More

Peanuts – your new favourite ingredient

Turn your attention to peanuts and discover how healthy and … Read More

Coeliac disease – your questions answered

It’s pronounced ‘see-liac’ and, just like its pronunciation,… Read More

Flour power

We’ve all gone a little nuts recently for coconuts, the wate… Read More

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