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PureBite Nut Clusters

£15.21, 10-pack

Ridiculously moreish yet guilt-free snacking. Low sugar and salt, big on protein and fibre. Vegan and preservative free.

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Nush Natural Almond Milk


Pure almond milk is mixed with live, vegan cultures to produce a creamy and gluten free milk yoghurt.

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Booja-Booja ice cream


The award-winning caramel vanilla dairy free ice cream is made with cashew nuts with salted caramel pecan praline sauce.

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Ombar Probiotic Raw Chocolate


Created through a combination of coconut cream and caramel tasting coconut which is enriched with Bio Live cultures.

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Bio-tiful Kefir

£1.45 / 250ml

Made with British milk, authentic cultures and packed with billions of gut friendly bacteria – a great way to start the day.

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