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Marathon breakfast

Whatever the length of your run a well-planned breakfast will help keep you moving

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Food trends to look out for

Discover the new food trends emerging this year

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Tuna fish benefits

There is nothing that tastes quite like tuna. Whether it be in steak, sushi or canned form

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Fish the right way

Let Becky Selengut educate you on the ethics or sourcing and eating fish

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Peanuts – your new favourite ingredient

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Flour power

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Beetroot and pistachio granola


A unique blend of quinoa, sweet beetroot, crunchy coconut, sunflower seeds and creamy pistachio nuts provides sustainable energy.

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Naturya Organic Breakfast


Supercharge your breakfast with this nutrient soaked cereal to get your day off to the healthiest start possible.

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Protein granola


This unique super-breakfast takes granola to a whole new level coming in at a huge 21g of protein per 100g.

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Fuel 10K Banana Drink


Trigger the endorphins and fuel on the go with this breakfast drink which contains 20g of protein.

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Amy's Kitchen Breakfast Wrap


For people in a hurry, these delicious gluten free wraps can be microwave baked in three minutes.

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