Meet your ideal healthy breakfast

Discover why it’s time to say ‘yes’ to brekkie daily and find an option that suits your lifestyle and discourages I’m-in-a-rush skipping…

A recent survey revealed that one in five of us skip breakfast and don’t have our first meal until midday, despite a host of studies indicating breakfasting well is great news for health. 

Why is it important to eat breakfast?
Whilst we sleep, our bodies use up lots of energy completing essential ‘repair work’, so we wake up, quite literally, with a fuel-free tank and need to top up sharpish for the day ahead.

Something packed with healthy carbs, protein and calcium gets the thumbs up, something quick, sugary and fatty like a donut – grabbed when hunger suddenly strikes later in the day – is not only unhealthy but makes maintaining an ideal weight problematic.

A good breakfast, meanwhile, keeps you fuller for longer and healthy-but-tasty options – as seen below – are lower in calories and filled with essential fibre and nutrients.

As well as helping kickstart our metabolisms, breakfast is great brain food before that early morning zoom call; studies show that morning meals can help improve memory. 

Ready for brekkie
So, now you’re ready to commit to breakfast, here are some healthy but delicious options to suit your schedule:

For the lazy days when you’re craving carbs
Who says you need to avoid a full English if you’re health conscious? We love the healthy twist on the traditional plateful over at BBC Good Food which contains almost half the fat of your typical offering, not to mention more fibre, less salt and added vitamin c. It only takes five minutes to prepare, 20 minutes to cook and there’ll be enough for you and a loved one. If you’re veggie or vegan, opt for meat/diary free bacon and sausages and switch up the egg for scrambled tofu.

For the can’t-cook won’t-cook crowd
Not all of us love getting out the pots and pans first thing in the morning, and that’s just fine. For a warming, non-cooked breakfast option, which you can whip up in minutes with the help of the microwave, we love peanut butter banana toast from Bananas boast healthy carbs that keep you full until lunchtime and peanut butter will provide fibre, protein and good fats to keep energised. The sweetness of the honey is perfect for sweet-toothed diners. 

For the mad dashers with minutes to spare
Hit the snooze button once too many times? We’ve all been there (sometimes daily!) and what’s needed brekkie wise is something that has zero creation time but is also healthy and delivers just what your mind and body require to get going. We love NINE breakfast seed bars – the UK’s only seed-based snack bar. The bars act as all-natural, pocket-size fuel; containing 100% plant protein, packed with nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds, high in minerals like calcium and magnesium and  acting as a great source of fibre. Our current rounded-way-to-start-the-day favourites are NINE Breakfast Berry and Almond and Breakfast Peanut and Raisin. Vegan, gluten and preservative-free, the NINE range means you tick the taste and health boxes whilst still enjoying a little lie-in. 

Happy breakfasting! 
We hope you’re convinced a decent breakfast can support a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy our selections. Even if you’re currently a cereal skipper there’s hope for you yet!

NINE bars are stocked in health food shops, cafes, delis, gyms, major supermarkets free from aisles like Tesco and Morrisons, and other independent retailers.

Also available online at the NINE shop