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Future of sports tech

How VR technology†is going to change the way we exercise in the future

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The Sports Science System

The amateurs will be one step closer to training like the pros once this new training system is on the market!

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The future of footwear

Upgrade your running with LKís round-up of the best high-tech trainers

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Tech your body and mind

Gizmos to aid and boost your wellbeing and health

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leisure kicks - top five


Garmin Forerunner 645


The fitness watch for serious runners comes complete with seven days battery life and dynamic features including vertical ratio.

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Coros APEX Premium Multisport


Blending attractive aesthetics with superb performance analysis it packs an AI Trainer that structures workouts to suit your fitne

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Timex Ironman GPS


Designed to be simple this lightweight watch provides stats without complication, just select your workout and start exercising.

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Polar Vantage V


One of the best for tracking lots of stats and featuring a battery life to cope with 40 hours straight of training.

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Fitbit Ionic


Offering personalised voice coaching, the Fitbit Coach App also means you can access a range of audio workouts.

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