Stay positive with these top apps

Practice self-healing and discover a happier you from the convenience of your phone

Happify app
Available on IOS and Android
Backed by research from a variety of experts, Happpify includes a variety of games and science-based activities that can help you become happier. Writing activities and games are designed to change your thought patterns, as well as quizzes, forums, and ways to track your activities.

Headspace: Mindful mediation 
Available on IOS and Android
Learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness, with hundreds of guided meditations on subjects including stress and focus. There are also bite-sized ‘mini-meditations’ to help keep you in the present moment, and bedtime stories and soundscapes to help you drift off to sleep.

Available on IOS and Android
Manage stress, balance moods, sleep better and refocus your attention with the number one app for meditation and relaxation. Introduce mindfulness and breathing exercises into your daily routine and choose from a number of guided sessions to help reduce anxiety, while fitting in with your busy schedule.

Available on IOS and Android 
Portal uses immersive technologies to create instant escapes to some of the world's most beautiful places. Lap up the sun on a Hawaii beach or curl up in front of a log fire in Switzerland, this is a mindfulness app with a difference. There’s also breathing exercises and a ‘focus’ section to choose from to boost productivity.

Insight Timer
Available on IOS and Android 
Features than 100k guided meditations led by teachers from across the world. The free app for stress, sleep and anxiety allows you to join online community groups and features sessions on self-love, better relationships and conquering addictions.