Good Vibrations

Feelgood tech to reach those deep muscles and speed up recovery 

When you’re training hard, sore muscles are guaranteed. There are plenty of ways to alleviate the discomfort such as percussive therapy – the method of delivering quick, strong pulses deep into the muscle tissue to enhance blood circulation and encourage repair.

The new wave of ‘massage gun’ products are based on this technology and LK rounds-up some real contenders. Bring out the big guns…

Theragun Elite
£375 |
The latest generation Theragun Elite is the best we’ve come across. Its pummelling head has a 16mm amplitude that gets deep into muscles, seeing off knots and tight spots with 40 percussions per second and up to 40lb of force.

That might sound painful, but it’s not at all – and if you do find a tight or uncomfortable spot, the speed of percussions can be adjusted to decrease the intensity.

The triangular design makes it easy to target hard-to-reach areas like your lower back and hamstrings, and there’s an accompanying app that lets you know how much pressure you should be applying. The app also gives you example moves to ensure you’re maximising your post-workout recovery.

While Theragun claim it sounds ‘like an electric toothbrush’, we would argue it’s slightly louder. The battery life is excellent too, with 120 minutes on a single charge.

It doesn’t come cheap, but it does do a highly effective job: leaving muscles refreshed and tight spots easier to manage.