AI for your lawn

Hands-free gardening? We’re in. But if you’re shopping for your first robot lawnmower, the technical jargon can be tough to get your head around. Here are the key features to look out for...

AI isn’t all about phoney song covers: mowers are becoming more intelligent too. STIGA’s A1500 Autonomous Robot Mower is the cleverest yet. “From understanding where to mow to how often to mow, to knowing how to navigate obstacles and natural changes, it’s the first robot mower that can truly be left to do its job alone,” explains lawn expert Fabio Banin. Meaning less hassle and more time for you. 

Reliable GPS
GPS signal loss and blocked radio signals can lead to missed patches, uneven mowing or your bot needing owner intervention. Look for a mower that uses RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning technology for pinpoint accuracy. 

Most robot mowers require you to place a physical boundary wire around the edge of your lawn, to define the mower’s working area. But they’re a pain to lay and re-lay, and subject to damage. Newer models use a GPS-based virtual perimeter, which can be managed at the touch of a button.
Easy-to-use app
The latest robot mowers give you full control of your bot from your phone. You can manage setup, scheduling, zoning, cutting patterns, cutting height adjustment, obstacle notification, stay-away zone setting, border clean ups and voice assistant integration for the STIGA A1500 from the STIGA GO app in just a couple of clicks. 

Quality blades
Look for a robot mower that uses at least four sharp blades for beautifully cut, healthy grass. The A1500 features four or six pivoting carbon steel razor blades, which spin at up to 2850 rpm for optimal cutting performance. 

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