Reduce your recovery time

Help reach your fitness goals sooner than expected with these muscle recovery aides

Reactivate with PowerDot 
Boost your recovery with PowerDot - the world's smartest muscle recovery and performance tool. The lightweight devices massages practically every muscle in your body through electric stimulation while a handy Blueetooth connection hooks you up to the app which gives you access to a number of different recovery programmes. Using painless stimulation it helps keep muscles moving, blood flowing and lactic acid cleared helping you to recover faster. Used by professional athletes and physical therapists it can be used any time, any place.

Vibrating recovery
The Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller  is a rechargeable vibrating foam roller that can greatly speed up your recovery time. Used by various types of professional athletes and endorsed by leading physiotherapists, it combines pressure and vibration, helping to keep muscles loose, increase blood flow and flushes away lactic acid. Avoid next day soreness with a number of different settings designed to help recover different muscle groups and significantly increase flexibility post-workout. Repeat every 24 hours for maximum effect.

Pain free with QTECH
Designed to bring relief to those who are suffering from persistent pain QTECH helps to deliver targeted pain relief. Containing a silicone strip embedded with a rare type of supa-quartz - a rare type of ‘shocked’ quartzcrystal - they’re designed to absorb the energies produced by your pain impulses and disrupt the signals from reaching your brain. Super easy to slip on and with no known side effects, the non-invasive QTECH bands are available as a bracelet for wrist and hand pain, and a limb band for elbow with more products in development.