Boost your fitness levels

Shape up with these free personal trainer apps to help you stay fit and healthy 

Reach your fitness goals with the help of a personal trainer on your phone. Not only will you be motivated to work harder, you'll have a teacher to make sure you're working the right way to avoid injury and help push you towards your goals. With more of us stuck inside there’s never been a better time to begin your fitness journey. 

Featuring 400 short HIIT and strength workouts the app creates a plan that’s tailored to your experience level. Easily follow along to your suggested workout of the day with instructional videos. Track you fitness goals including the amount of calories burnt, strength ratios and areas you’ve worked. The free version offers email coaching. 

My PT Hub
Enabling personal trainers and fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, whilst tracking their progress and achievements. Clients can log their workouts, nutrition and upload progress photos, making it easy to track their achievements. Boasting an extensive library of more than 7,500 HD video exercises it also has the world’s largest verified nutrition database of over 650,000 food items.

Nike training club 
Featuring flexible training plans tailored to you, start training with a personal plan that adjusts to your progress, schedule and other activities. With access to more than 190 free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility targeting there’s a plan to suit everyone designed to help you see and feel results.

Featuring step-by-step fitness plans from the world's top trainers you can choose from dozens of programs designed to reach your fitness goals. Follow your exercise plan with HD step-by-step instructional videos and keep tabs on your weights, reps and time, and watch your results take shape.