Benefits of percussive therapy

LK speaks to Theragun founder Dr Jason Wersland to get some percussive therapy tips... 

Morning Vitality

“I’d recommend a 90-second sweep each morning from your lower back, down to your hamstrings and then feet, to give your muscles a jump start, ready for the day ahead.”

Warm-Up + Recovery
“Use your Theragun pre, post, and even during exercise in short bursts as it will help fast track your warm-ups and recovery, flushing out lactic acid and hydrating your muscles, acting to decrease post-exercise muscle soreness.”

Mobility + Posture
“The Theragun Triangle design allows you to access pretty much wherever you want on the body easily and you can use your Theragun on virtually all muscle groups to improve your range of motion and mobility.”

Natural Stress + Pain Relief
“Theraguns are a great form of natural stress relief, acting to alleviate tension as our devices will generate heat, release tension and increase blood flow in soft tissue to provide natural relief from everyday tension.”

The perfect match – what to look for when buying a massage gun
> Battery life: can’t have guns dying in the middle of your session
Reliability: buy a massage gun that is well-made and won’t malfunction
Weight: it shouldn’t feel like a workout lifting it!
Power: typically measured in revolutions per minute
Noise: having it sound like a power tool would make it unusable