Tea for our times

From anxiety and insomnia to the quest to keep germs at bay, right now, we’re all looking for new ways to keep our body and minds in the best possible shape, but have you reached out to the humble cuppa yet?

We’ve found these five teas with near magical properties… sup ‘em and see! 

Echinacea – the immune system booster
Echinacea is a well-known go-to herb for preventing or, at least, minimising the dreaded symptoms of the common cold by boosting your immune system. The tea itself has a sweet, florally flavour and is definitely one to always have stocked in your autumn/winter cupboard.

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Chamomile – calmness in a cup
Studies have shown that this earthy but sweet beverage can calm your nerves and even help improve symptoms of depression. Further research has indicated that chamomile can also lessen the symptoms of PMS, in particular muscle spasms, which can cause awful period pains.

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Ginger – the multi-action marvel
This spicy, ideal-for-winter-weather tea is packed with antioxidants and is believed to do battle with inflammation whilst revving up the immune system. Ginger is also known for its anti-nausea and headache-easing properties as well as settling upset tummies, indigestion, period pains and more!

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Passionflower – the sweet dreams brew 
Research has revealed this tea can help you drift off into a lovely slumber come bedtime, also assisting in easing irritability and agitation (we’ve all been there this year!). Infuse in boiling water for a deliciously mild drink, add honey for a sweet little kick. 

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Hibiscus – flu fighter 
The colour is cute (pink!) and the flavour is sharp and refreshing. Even better, hibiscus boasts antiviral properties and some test-tube studies have shown it can put up a good fight against bird flu! Additionally, adding this tea to your daily diet can lower your blood pressure. 

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We hope you enjoy your brand-new tea-drinking experiences and that whatever you sample works wonders!