Help! I donít like water!

You want to stay hydrated, but you run a mile when someone tells you to drink water… sound familiar? Read on to discover how to increase your water intake WITHOUT drinking a tonne of the clear stuff

Dehydration = no fun!
Not consuming enough water can lead to dehydration, the symptoms of which can include tiredness, headaches, dry skin and mouth, and dizziness. 

To combat this issue – and for our overall health and wellbeing – it is recommended that we drink around six to eight glasses of water a day, but many people really don’t enjoy water and struggle to tick this health-wise box.

All is not lost, however, increasing your intake is easier – and tastier – than you’d first imagine…

Get fizzy
Sparkling water is super refreshing, so before you rule it out as water wearing a flimsy disguise, try it! Squeeze some fresh lemon in, add a slice or two of cucumber, or a sprinkling of herbs, and imagine you’re supping a cocktail. We love these flavour suggestions from Glue and Glitter.
Eat your daily quota

You’d be surprised how many delicious (and good-for-you) foods are overflowing with water. Here’s what percentage some popular fruit and veggies contain:

Grapefruit: 91% 
Strawberries: 89%
Watermelon: 92%
Tomatoes: 94%
Celery: 95% 
Broccoli: 91%
Bell pepper: 92%
Pineapple: 91%

Nice and freezy
Try sucking/crunching on ice chips or make yourself some ice cubes/lollies using water with a drop fresh (no added sugar) fruit juice – the perfect summer cool-down hack.

Hydration on the go
For rehydration when you’re busy but need to stay on the ball, we recommend an isotonic drink like Boost Sport. This drink replenishes lost salts and fluids, comes with added B vitamins and contains a boost of carbohydrate, allowing you to work (or play) on. A 500ml bottle is great value at just 50p (available from your local shop) and comes in four refreshing flavours; we like Mixed Berry best!

Tea time 
Opt for caffeine-free herbal and fruit teas – drink hot or cold and don’t you dare add sugar! We love the unique and sustainable Edible Teas from Nim’s (£7.95 for 12 sachets), an eco-friendly drink complete with fruit and veg pieces.

A little extra help
To help your no-can-do-water situation, limit your intake of caffeine (tea, coffee, cola) and alcohol. Also, avoid quenching your thirst with sugary drinks and juices – yes, they contain water but bags of empty calories too.