Five food trends for 2022

Food trends are always changing, and 2022 is no different as these trends show

Potato milk
Tipped to challenge the dominance of oat, almond and soy alt-milks, potato milk is set to become the next big thing. Already being sold at Waitrose, sales of plant milk are booming in the UK. Boasting sustainable credentials and a creamy flavour, the popularity of potato milk is on a rapid increase.

The rise of the reducetarian
Unlike vegans or vegetarians, a reducetarian doesn't try to eliminate these things from their diet but rather reduce the amount of it they eat. As more of us consider the impact our diets have on the world, more of us are limiting our consumption of meat, eggs and dairy and opting for pasture-raised and grass-fed whenever possible.

Immunity boosting foods
It is understandable we are all now a little more health aware and this is reflected in the foods that we eat. During 2022 expect to see even more immune boosting foods such as such as probiotics foods and non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli and sweet potatoes being the star of dishes.

More mushrooms
With more people opting for plant-based diets mushrooms present a healthy and hearty meat free alternative that continues to gain traction. Not only is the consumption of ordinary mushrooms on the rise, but this protein bursting superfood is being found in more and more unexpected places.

Sea plants
Hailed as a sustainable, nutrient-rich food source, sea plants are becoming increasingly popular among climate conscious foodies. Now you can find seaweed, dulce and kelp in salads, snacks, condiments and cubes for adding to smoothies, soups, sauces and dressings.