Lockdown hair nightmare

The salons may be closed and the mobile stylists in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer endless bad hairs… 

They’re calling it ‘lockdown hair’ and people all over the nation are craving the day when salons fling open their doors and weave their magic. 

Until that day, you really needn’t look like you’ve had a terrible shock, left your brush in 1996 or have to star in zoom meetings behind an overgrown fringe… help is at hand.

Throw some shade
Colouring your own hair – unless you’ve historically dyed locks at home – can be a hit and miss affair. Worst case scenario, you’ll damage your hair and be left with a shade you loathe (especially if the dye is permanent). LK recommends using natures own dyes to brighten and achieve a preferred shade. Did you know, for example, carrot juice can boost red tones or that coffee can turn your hair darker? And, of course, trusty lemon adds zest to blonde. Check out this guide to natural dyes

Act real smooth 
Keeping hair in tip-top condition will naturally improve how it looks and, if you’re making the most of the sun and spending time in the garden, a good conditioner is a must. There are lots of recipes to whip up at home out there, but often they require a pretty hefty shipping order of ingredients. Instead, opt for something simple like those featured on this list, all requiring goodies you’re likely to have in the cupboard already.

Quick ‘n’ cool fix
Had no time to colour or condition? Cheat! Putting a scarf or band in your hair is the ultimate quick lockdown hair fix. Don’t own one? No problem. LK loves this video tutorial on how to whip up your own pin-up/rockabilly style scarf

Clip it up  
Flowers are the perennial fashion statement and in these uncertain times, we all need something blooming marvellous to brighten our day. Watch this video on how to create your own petal ‘n’ pearl hair clips. Really not up for crafting? No pressure, we love this Flower Corsage Hair Clip Set in pink (£10.99) from Accessorize (expect delays on delivery).

Fringe benefits
If you really, truly, madly can’t live with that overgrown fringe, consider the Dutch braid… the perfect, plaited style for those ‘help, I can’t see anymore’ weeks ahead. Superdrug do a fab guide https://www.superdrug.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-do-a-dutch-braid to achieving this look; restoring full vision and positivity once more!

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to invite a hairdresser to your home or accept an invitation from one to visit them. 

Oh, and ask a lockdown family or friend member to colour/cut at your own risk!

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives