Make the switch to vegan beauty

Have a clear conscience and enjoy a range of benefits with vegan beauty products

The demand for all things vegan has made the beauty industry take notice. Moral and environmental concerns mean there are now a huge range of vegan products available from some of beauty’s biggest brands. It’s never being easier to switch to vegan makeup and skincare and help reconcile your cosmetics with your conscience.

Better for sensitive skin
Ingredients in conventional products can contain a number of uric acids extracted from cows, extracts of dead insects or gelatine made from pig’s skin all of which come into contact with your skin. These animal products can be harsh and clog pores. Vegan products however are almost always made with natural ingredients that are particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin. There are also fewer risks using vegan ingredients than there are with chemicals.

Cruelty free
Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore are 100 per cent cruelty free. Not only will your skin thank you for switching to vegan you conscience will also be clear knowing your protecting a huge amount of animals from unnecessary testing.

Beauty benefits
Vegan cosmetics have been known to improve uneven skin tones and reduce the bags under your eyes. And because vegan beauty products contain lesser ingredients they are naturally better suited for your skin, helping to keep it hydrated and looking great for longer.

Switching to vegan products doesn’t have to be expensive. As veganism becomes more popular there are now a number of affordable options for you to try which are suitable for any budget. And because vegan beauty products tend to be of a higher quality they tend to last longer too.