How to sweat less while running

Sweating isn’t uncommon while exercising but it can make you feel uncomfortable

Sweating is a completely normal process – after all, if we didn’t we’d find ourselves quickly overheating. But getting drenched in sweat can make you feel uncomfortable, particularly in a gym setting. Thankfully, there’s a number of easy steps you can take to help manage your sweat levels.

Use an antiperspirant
Antiperspirants contain aluminium salts which block up some of your sweat pores, meaning that less water comes out. Available in a variety of roll-ons or sprays, you can also use them on your feet to stop them sweating too.

Wear the correct clothing
Running clothes play a significant role in managing your sweating while exercising. Opt for specialist exercise clothing which features sweat wicking material that helps draw moisture away from the skin. Avoid wearing cotton clothes – they retain liquid and will leave you feeling sticky and wet.

Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after your workout. Taking on water helps cool your body which will help lower your core temperature, meaning your body doesn’t have to sweat as much to release extra heat. Keep away from alcohol, caffeine, or drinks with a lot of sugar as they can cause you to lose fluids.

Use talcum powder
Another simple and effective option for keeping you dry when running. Talcum powder can help to keep visible moisture under control, and can be particularly useful in applying to more private areas.

Remember, sweating is completely normal and isn’t something to be ashamed or self-conscious of. Sweating earlier can actually be a sign that you’re getting fitter.