Breaking down barriers with boccia

Every Body Moves is revolutionising the way people discover inclusive local opportunities for physical activity

Discovering boccia at an Every Body Moves launch event in Sheffield was a game-changer for Dave and Pam in March 2023. 

The game of boccia became an instant favourite with the couple, who soon discovered that sessions were being run close to their home in Coalville, Leicestershire. 

For wheelchair user Pam and her husband and full-time carer, Dave, the versatility of the game coupled with the social side of playing were the main attractions.

"It can be played indoors, outdoors, on a school playground, leisure centre, or even your living room floor," says Dave. The bowls-like sport only requires a flat surface and some boccia balls to play.
"It's a fantastic way for us to share an activity, and it offers a bit of independence for Pam, making our outings special," says Dave.

“Our Thursday sessions are a highlight of the week, with anything from 15 to 30 of us all playing. Because it’s such an inclusive sport, everyone at the club has different abilities and disabilities, and we all play together in teams against each other.”

Boccia explored
Boccia is just one of many sports and activities available to people of all abilities through the Every Body Moves campaign and website.

The game itself, an attack and defend competition, adds an exciting dimension to our gatherings. Teams strategize to score points by placing their coloured balls closest to the white jack ball, fostering friendly competition and collaboration. “Some take it more seriously than others, but we’re all there for a laugh and everyone gets involved,” says Dave.

"Boccia is not just a game; it's a lifeline for us," adds Pam. “Getting together with the group and meeting new people is great. You hear different stories, some people have good advice for things you might be going through, it’s really nice just to chat and get out with the group.”

“Finding the boccia club has been great,” insists Dave. “It’s a nice day out and a good laugh, there are some great characters at the club. The social side has led to other group outings, boat trips and an upcoming Christmas party so it goes well beyond just the Thursday boccia session.”

The Every Body Moves launch event has become a life-changing moment for Pam and Dave. To discover how Every Body Moves helps people find sports and exercises activities click here.

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