Meet the company with your wellbeing at its heart

FutureYou Cambridge creates a range of supplements dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing

Here we discover more about its ethos and how its products can positively impact on many common issues and support us to make the most out of life.

Why take supplements?
Taking supplements as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can have a big impact on your wellbeing. Everyone from everyday actives to elite athletes turn to supplements to support healthier and more positive living (and exercising!).

FutureYou Cambridge is passionate about supplements and creating unique and powerful formulations that can help support everything from positive digestive health to improved mood.

All about FutureYou Cambridge
FutureYou is based in Cambridge, renowned hub of scientific research, and it only brings customers supplements that are supported by published scientific data.Its formulations ensure optimised absorption, so your body receives the right amount of exactly what matters and its turmeric supplements Informed Sport certified too, just one of the reasons sportspeople place their trust in the brand.

In addition to selling supplements, FutureYou Cambridge offers exceptional customer care, always on hand to answer your questions – “Health is a very personal matter and we believe you should be 100% confident before making any decisions.” Also, the company obtains ingredients from sustainable sources and all its cartons and leaflets are recyclable.

FutureYou Cambridge aims to find the most effective formulation to suit your needs. There are supplements to cover bones and joints, energy, digestive health, heart and circulatory health, mood, immunity, and more.

To help you find the right supplement for you, here are a few common issues and how the FutureYou Cambridge range can support your Tummy troubles

Digestive discomfort is an extremely common condition. FutureYou Cambridge’s clinically supported formulations can help you overcome these issues, including ProBio 8+, which contains eight specially selected strains of bacteria to maintain healthy gut balance.  

Joint Health
Whether you’ve been super active at the gym or the colder weather is proving uncomfortable for your joints, Turmeric+ Gold is FutureYou Cambridge’s  unique, purest and most advance turmeric supplement, featuring the world’s most scientifically researched curcumin formulation (the active ingredient in turmeric) supporting bones and joints.  It’s times more absorbable than other standard turmeric. 

Low mood
Ashwagandha+ contains a scientifically researched herbal extract known to help you relax and enjoy more positive mental wellbeing. It also contains vitamin C to support the reduction of fatigue and improved psychological function.

Invest in future YOU
Take a moment to browse FutureYou Cambridge’s supplement store. Unsure what product would suit you best? Take the FutureYou quiz to help you find what’s best for you.

For more cost-effective shopping, FutureYou Cambridge offer a subscription service, which will save you 20% from one-off purchases and the subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

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