Running strong stretches

Running Strong with Six Physio’s exercises    

<1> Resisted hip flexion  
1. Place resistance band around both feet and stand, keeping back neutral and pelvis level.  
2. Breathing in, prepare your body then breathing out engage your core and lift one leg.  
3. No changing of posture, create tension in band to build resistance.    

<2> 4 point running hover  
1. Kneel on your mat on all fours, back in neutral and shoulders away from ears.  
2. Breathe in, as you breathe out draw in core muscles and lift up into a hover, knees approximately 2-3 inches off the ground.  
3. Maintain position as you lift one leg up while the other stays still. Repeat on other side, alternating between the two.    

15 reps for both exercises    

Sarah Green is a Consultant Physiotherapist at Six Physio specialising in rehab, Pilates and running who’s completed a speedy London Marathon and has done plenty of work in movement dysfunctions and running/ski rehab.