Put your back into self-care

How to ease your back pain at home this winter with a series of self-care tips

Did you know that up to 60% of the UK adult population can expect to have lower back pain at some time in their life in the UK? If you’re one of them, LK is here with some self-care tips that will help you and help ease the burden on our precious NHS.

Get a move on
Exercise is a great way to ease back pain and stretches are particularly recommended for improved mobility, reduced stiffness and boosted circulation. The Mind Your Back campaign website is a great place to access stretches that don’t require any specialist equipment and can be done from the comfort of your own home, at your desk or even on your daily commute. You can access instructions on how to do them right now by clicking here.

Take a stroll
Too much sitting can actually weaken our back muscles and lead to pain, so traditional exercise can help too. Walking, swimming and cycling are good for the back, so click here to find out more about using them as a self-care tool.

Sit right there
So, moving forward, how to avoid back pain in the future! Staying still for long periods of time and not getting ample exercise does your back no favours, nor does sitting incorrectly and living a life of bad posture. Click here to find out more about improving your posture today. Lifting heavy items incorrectly or repeatedly bending awkwardly can also wreak havoc, so best to avoid.

Shop self-care!
When it comes to the self-care shopping list, invest in a few items that will keep you pain-free (and cosy) this winter. We love the Beurer Back Rest with heat (£39,99 from Lakeland), which helps to soothe back pain and provides lumbar support at home, the office or even in the car.

Hot stuff
Next up are cold and heat therapies – both proven to assist in soothing back ache. Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patches (5.99 for 4 from Boots) provide targeted, long lasting and odourless pain relief, whilst non-medicinal Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion (£4.99 from Superdrug) loosens muscles and improves mobility.

Play it cool
For scientifically proven cooling relief for minor aches in muscles and joints, try Deep Freeze Glide-On Gel or Deep Freeze Cold Patch (£5 from Tesco) 

Don’t forget!
If your back pain is persistent, please do contact your GP. But in the meantime, follow the tips above to take control of troublesome back pain at home! #ThinkSelfCareFirst 

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