Why are top athletes turning to turmeric?

Discover how this powerful ‘root’ (typically known for colouring curries) is fast becoming elite athletes’ supplement of choice

There are now hundreds of peer-reviewed studies confirming that turmeric – the bright yellow spice – has a powerful impact on the body, particularly for sportspeople looking for support with muscle and joint recovery.

Benefits for professional athletes
Turmeric's connection to healing dates back over 4,000 years, but its role in athlete recovery is infinitely more recent.

So, why the movement toward this spice?

One word. Curcumin – an active compound found in turmeric. Some turmeric products offer very high levels of curcumin, but unless it's made absorbable or 'bioavailable', they make little difference. Staying active depends a lot on our joints - and they don’t always play along with our exercise plans.

A healthy balanced diet rich in fruits, dark leafy vegetables and oily fish can bring helpful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

But many people find that the right turmeric supplement can give them the support they need to stay active.

Dr Andrew Greene, Head of Performance at Crystal Palace Women, says: “Curcumin supplementation has been shown to have significant benefits that will contribute to our players ability to recover from training and match exertion, and as part of their nutritional planning will help them to cope with the demands of the season.”

Meet the athlete who's turned to turmeric
Rugby union star and Olympic rugby sevens silver medallist Marcus Watson, who currently plays at wing and fullback for Italian side Benetton in the United Rugby Championship, is another elite athlete who has turned to turmeric for help. He first started supplementing his healthy lifestyle with turmeric when he returned to playing following an injury last year:

“My coach suggested taking a turmeric supplement,” explains Marcus, “so. I went online to research my options.

Marcus discovered Turmeric+ from FutureYou Cambridge which contains a super-absorbable version of curcumin as well as added vitamins c and d for maintenance of normal muscle and bone function.

“The fact it is Informed Sport certified is crucial to me,” adds Marcus. “I also liked the company’s scientific credentials, so I decided to give Turmeric+ a try.

“I've been taking it for around a year and I’m very impressed, in fact, I have it on subscription now. I certainly feel much more like my old self and feel fitter than ever.”

How can turmeric help YOU?
If you like to stay active and support your fitness regime you may want to try a science-backed high quality turmeric supplement too.  The FutureYou Cambridge range includes Turmeric+ as well as Tumeric+ Gold, containing the brand’s most advanced formulation yet.

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