Garden safety essentials

Whether you’re going to be doing a spot of digging or simply soaking up the rays, don’t step foot outside until you’ve read LK’s

Spending time in our garden or yard, especially when the sun is shining, is certainly one lockdown highlight we can all agree on. However, many of us totally forget that, even though we’ve not ventured far nor are about to sprint a one-minute-mile, we run the risk of injury, sunburn and stings.

Tick these boxes and you can soak up the lockdown downtime with peace of mind…

Hands in glove
If you’re doing a spot of gardening, always wear gloves. Everything from thorns to the tools you’re using have potential to cause pain!

Pre-gardening prep
Gardening (especially mowing and digging) is a strenuous affair, so ensure you warm-up before tackling that monster grass or planting a new bush. 

Lift stuff the right way
Moving plants or garden furniture? Don’t simply throw yourself into it, read these NHS tips first

Just add cream
Even if there’s a few clouds in the sky, always put some suncream (at least SPF 15) onto your face, ears, neck and head. Wear a hat if possible. 

Be allergy savvy
If you suffer from allergies, always have some antihistamines, such as Piriton,  close to hand.

Get kitted out
A family first-aid is a home essential, especially when the garden’s in use and cuts and bites are a risk. LK loves this 50 to 110-piece kit from FirstAid4Less (50-piece just £15.90).

Water yourself
Whilst you’re freshening the flowers, don’t forget to hydrate yourself regularly too; keeping a cold bottle of water by your side.

Keep connected
Follow our tips and you’ll be just fine, but should the worst happen, and you fall or need support, always have a fully charged mobile in your pocket or nearby.

And remember, no matter how shiny the sun, cold the drinks, lovely your garden starts looking… don’t invite anybody around.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.