The smart basketball

Practice makes perfect – or at least that’s what they say. But what if you aren’t into taking your shots day after day in an attempt to build muscle memory, but just ending up frustrated and confused?

Well technology is on its way to solving that very problem. Not only are there sensors out there that monitor all your biological quirks and vitals in the name of better sport performance, but now there is a way for your basketball to monitor your shooting skills on the court.

The Wilson X smart basketball might carry a hefty price tag, but it is the absolute height of game-boosting technology.

On the outside, it looks like a normal ball – there is no plug or anything – all orange rubber filled with air. However, unlike a normal ball it contains a small tube, not even as large as an AA battery, which is comprised of an accelerometer, gyroscope, a bluetooth chip, and an extremely long-lasting battery, which should last the user for years.

What this technology does is use an algorithm that has the ability to measure whether or not you have made a successful shot. It took 50,000 test shots to work that out, and not only can it sense the success of the shot, but it can tell whether it was a back-of-the-board bounce, a rim-skimmer or nothing-but-net – speaking of which, one of the ball’s flaws is that it requires the net to be attached to the hoop.

As with other wearable technologies, the sensors in the ball connect to an app you can use on your phone, which can give you an accurate measure of your shot record. On top of that, when it comes to accuracy Wilson claims that the ball is successful 97% of the time.