Mitre goes to the movies

Excited much? You bet. We feel like kids on Christmas Day. This is a match made in pop culture heaven – the world’s original football brand joining forces with the world’s most famous movie franchise. 

Yes, the STAR WARS™ MITRE SERIES has launched, and we’re giving you the heads up – so you can send those letters off to Santa before stocks run low.

The series contains three items, each of them suited to any level of play and seriously out of this world…

Match Ball
The legendary ball has gone intergalactic and stylishly features the world-famous STAR WARS™ logo. Available in black and white (the ‘Stormtrooper’) or black, white and red (the ‘Kylo Ren’) – it’s not only cool enough for adults to kick, but will make any small-size owner the talk of the pitch. RRP £22.

Sporty and creative? This is your Christmas is sorted. The Scriball is etched with iconic outlines of STAR WARS™ characters (take your pick from Darth Vadar, Kylo Ren, Yoda or BB-8), and your job is to colour them. Light side or dark side – you decide! Once coloured-up, your ball (or your kid’s ball, which you just wish was yours) will be one of a kind. RRP from £1

Pop Up Goal
This easy-set-up goal (flippable for target practice or actual play) would be good enough, but decorated with STAR WARS™ spaceships, it’s elevated to supersonic status. Stand back and admire before powering in those time-and-space-defying shots. RRP £30.

Want? Now? The STAR WARS™ Mitre series is available from Argos, Amazon or the official Mitre site.

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