Walking in a winter wonderland

You’ve been thinking about taking up walking, but now it’s cold, best wait until summer, right? Procrastinating be gone, winter is a wonderful time to start, and here LK tells you why…

Walking is low cost, low commitment, and there’s nobody keeping score. And, as if that wasn’t enough…
It’s sociable
You’ll find walking groups, for example The Ramblers http://www.ramblers.org.uk/, dotted across the country, and they’re a perfect way to carve out a brand new social circle. Alternatively, use walking as an excuse to summon current friends and establish weekly walks.

It’s packed full of vitamins
Being outdoors in natural light helps our bodies produce vitamin D – the holy grail of great skin and strong bones. An easy-to-achieve 15 minutes two or three times a week will suffice, so a nice long walk in great company will tick this box (and more) beautifully. 

It can banish winter blues
Even moderate exercise supports the body’s release of feel-good endorphins. Just 20-30 minutes of invigorating walking a few times a week is recommended and is guaranteed to bring a warm, broad smile to your face.

It burns calories
When the cold sets in, the body strives to maintain its core temperature and, in doing so, tears up those calories. If the wind is high or you’re navigating a few inches of snow (careful as you go!), you’ll be burning even more. So, stepping out into the big chill isn’t all bad at all – and the perfect way to burn off those steamy bowls of creamy pasta we all adore during winter.