Urban gymnastics!

Given that gymnastics is, by nature, performed in a gym, travel options for those who love the sport are fairly minimal. However, if you are willing to embrace your more adventurous side, there is another option: parkour.

Parkour is a sort of obstacle training method originally developed by the military that involves movements designed to help traverse complex environments. These can include everything from vaulting to rolling and flipping, or other acrobatic sorts of movements.

Getting into it
There are several organizations around the country that can help you get into the sport. For example, Elevated Movement Potential have classes in Stafford, Wolverhampton and Birmingham while Parkour Generation run classes for the method around London aimed at a variety of ages and abilities – however, there are groups in pretty much every major city in the country so just a quick Google will do!

Taking it on the road
Already a pro or training up to take your skills travelling? Well there are plenty of places around the UK perfect for a freerunner out and about. According to UrbanFreeFlow.com, the top three areas in the UK to perform Parkour in are: Brighton, Central London and Croydon – all three of which boast endless rooftops and obstacles galore.