Slope and glory

Jetting off to snowy climes this season to grab a piste of the sporting action? Splash out and ski in style with our top pick of luxurious techy treats…

Ski it to believe it…
And they’re not kidding… these Spyne 120 boots (complete with Power Wedge for amazing angling) are designed for the advance skier and promise unparalleled flexibility, power and finesse. But that’s not all – can you believe that built into the LuxFit PRO liners is a USB rechargeable Thermic® heat technology? Toasty toes and supreme ski moves, what more could you ask for, and a solid investment at £381.46.

Capture the action 
Impress your social media connections with on-the-slope movies that are as fresh as the snow you’re skiing down. The GoPro Hero6 (£294.99 at amazon) boasts a 4K video and 12MP photos and you can mount it on your helmet for sensational hands-free footage. This fuss-free ski essential allows you to edit your films swiftly and acts on voice commands.  

Track star 
For real-time info on your ski performance, the PIQ ROBOT™ is a must-have worth shelling out for. At £169, its advance sensor quickly informs skiers of their ‘winning factors’ (yeah, glowing praise at the flick of a wrist) and points out which moves that need a little more work. Your angle, transition, force, turn rate and speed are all tracked and commented on – like a mini personal instructor along for the ride!

Head start 
The Auric Cut (£255) is the headwear of choice for skiers looking to keep in communicado with fellow snow-seekers or who simply love to navigate the slopes to motivational music. An integrated communication headset (complete with speakers and mic) is smartphone savvy and is spot on for arranging an après ski rendezvous on the move.