Drink to good health

Think you’ve got to cut out the cocktails just because it’s dry January? Think again. These colourful, easy-to-make mocktails not only taste lush, they’re actually incredibly good for you too. Result! 

Who doesn’t love a refreshing mojito? This one tastes almost too good to be true but, believe us, this virgin version will absolutely not break your no-bevs New Year’s resolution. The juice of two lemons and two limes are in the mix, providing a serious vitamin C boost to help kick those cold and flu germs into touch. Meanwhile, the crushed mint leaves you need to add are a well-known helping hand for those suffering with an upset tummy or indigestion after eating everything in sight over Christmas. Mint is also thought to support the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. View full recipe

Lavender Lemonade 
This drinkie looks heavenly and tastes divine – all minus the hangover! As well as resembling something you’d get tipsy on whilst frolicking on a foreign beach, this vision of lilac refreshment can assist in beating stress (lavender is famous for its relaxing properties) or (if you sup before bedtime) helping you drift off into a restorative slumber. The half-cup of honey swirled inside is a much-lauded antioxidant. View full recipe 

Sparkling Blueberry Sangria 
Ahh, the taste of Spain and crazy summers… But who’d have thought something that belongs in a straw-strewn goldfish bowl would be just what the doctor ordered and perfect for fitness fans? Firstly, the blueberries crammed into this tipple are awash with vitamins, potassium, folate and fibre – the latter a recognised enemy of blood cholesterol and positive headline news for your heart. Secondly, turn your attention to the grape content of this thirst-quencher... as well as being low in carbs, green grapes pack minerals known as electrolytes, which assist in muscle repair, are lost through sweating, and are in need replenishment following a particularly punishing workout. Who said a post-gym drink in January was a bad idea? Drink up without a drop of guilt! View full recipe