Tech your body and mind

L’Oreal UV sense
UK Release 2019 / £TBC
Android and iOS
L’Oreal and tech don’t really mix in the same circles, but they are about to launch a simple, but quite remarkable bit of kit. The sun can catch anyone out and with the risks of skin cancer becoming more prevalent, this simple piece of tech is vital.

The L’Oreal UV Sense is about the size of a drop of water, sticks to any part of your body or clothing, and tells you when you're exposing yourself to too much UVA and UVB light via the app. It will cost around £30 when it launches, it can be reapplied multiple times, has a battery life in months, if not years and will be available through dermatologists in 2019. 

Omron Heartguide
Launch 2018 TBC / £TBC
Android and iOS
Omron has come up with a very clever bit of wearable tech. They have taken something that’s previously required ‘chaining’ a machine to you and made it portable. The HeartGuide will take medical-grade blood pressure readings right from your wrist. 

Sleep tracking, notifications and other standard functionality included but for those with blood pressure issues or concerns, this really is a game changer. You can either take them manually during waking hours, or automatically while you're sleeping, which, according to Omron, is the ideal environment for blood pressure readings.

Android and iOS
Sleep is the new black. In vogue, critical for athletes and now we mortals can get sleep tech savvy. This clever S+ system sits on your bedside table firing out ultra-low power radio waves and listening back to the echo from your body as you sleep. 

The accompanying app quizzes you to create correlations in your sleep patterns – too much caffeine today? Talk to the app. The Mind Clear feature encourages you to jot down pre-sleep thoughts, and its built-in coach will analyse your data and give you personalised tips.