The Sports Science System

The amateurs will be one step closer to training like the pros once this new training system is on the market! 

It’s unlikely you will see any manner of top-ranked athlete or sports team without a full system of support staff, from physiologists to performance analysts. They help to make the best the best and maintain the top stars through training to competition, helping them push the limit, but not cross it into the risk of injury.

But the under-funded, aspiring greats of sports simply don’t have the resources for such analysis. But that’s where a new Kickstarter campaign comes in.

The Precision-SSS – which stands for Sports Science System – aims to give amateur athletes the biomechanical analysis that top athletes receive from various staff all in one package with a next-generation wearable EPTS (Electronic Performance & Tracking System).

The wearable system, which has been developed at the European Space Agency (ESA), uses highly accurate GPS technology and motion sensors that collects data that can be used to prevent injuries, prepare for competition and to enhance performance.

The data collected through the technology on the wearable can be teamed up with PrecisionNET, which serves as the project’s support and analytics service. It is comprised of two aspects: a Machine-Learning A.I. and Sports Science Support Team. 

The result of the full package is a way for athletes of all levels to access the support and technology of the professionals.

For more information, check out the system’s Kickstarter campaign.