Future of sports tech

Virtual reality is revolutionising the way we exercise and opening up new opportunities for fitness fans. It’s one of the fastest growing segments of the booming fitness industry, allowing great accessibility and most of all, making fit fun.

Wave goodbye to lengthy runs in a musty gym and soak up the virtual air of the French Alps while being cheered on by crowds or enjoy a rowing challenge in the Antarctica - the possibilities are literally endless.

The rise of VR and augmented reality means we can now face a multitude of new challenges from the comfort of your own home.

And you don’t have to workout alone with services like ClassPass Live or Peloton making it possible to enjoy the benefits of a group workout without having to step outside your home. Providing virtual workout class services they allow you to either join in for a live class or stream on-demand.

Gyms are also working to make group fitness classes and personal trainers available to their clients anytime, anywhere via on-demand apps and remote classes filmed live inside the gym.

What’s more, in addition to spicing up cardio sessions there are also a new raft of VR games designed with fitness in mind.

Box VR provides an intense rhythm-based boxing exercise from professional fitness instructors while listening to electronica. Great for conditioning the arms, shoulders, and chest it will also count how many calories were destroyed during a workout. For more a more imaginative workout, enjoy a game of virtual dodgeball in Sparc. Throw, dodge, block and deflect, the rapid-fire competitive game is a great blend of upper and lower body conditioning.

And if all this talk of technology has you clutching at your purse strings then there is a range of wearable tech and free apps that will allow you to join the digital fitness boom without breaking the bank. 

Personal training apps allow you to take your workout to the next level and have a personal trainer on-hand to guide you to your fitness goals. Fitness app Fiit allows you to participate in boutique fitness classes from wherever you are using your phone with classes presented by a series of personal trainers from across the globe.

For those on a busy schedule Sworkit allows you to input how many minutes you have to exercise before being presented with targeted workout in your slotted time. Most of these apps are free to use, with subscriptions upgrades optional for more tailored options.

Whatever tech you choose, the time for excuses is over.  Welcome to the brave new world of virtual fitness.