Top tips for solo travellers

Travelling solo can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life

Whether it’s taking a gap year or enjoying an around the world trip, travel can offer some incredible and rewarding experiences. 

But it can also come with risks thanks to the dangers you may encounter on the way. Thankfully there are lots of tips out there to ensure you enjoy your trip safely.

1. While the idea of seeing where your trip takes you may sound romantic it’s also wise to be prepared – especially at the start of your trip. Before jetting off make sure your first night of accommodation is pre-booked to help you ease into your journey. Arriving in a foreign country with nowhere to rest your weary head is not a great start and can easily be avoided with a little pre-trip planning. 

2. Meeting new people on your journey is all part of the experience while it can be handy to travel with larger groups in more dangerous countries. Before you head off wise up on travel apps and communities that exist to help connect travellers, like Couchsurfing Travelpal and Meetup.

3. Money may be tight and you won’t want to be spending it on mobile data. By staying somewhere with free Wi-Fi it will not only help cut costs but also allow you to spend time researching your travel plans and uploading your pictures after a long day of exploring. 

4. Always keep people updated as to where you are. By uploading messages and pictures to social media regularly it will not only allow you to show off your exciting adventures but keep others notified of where you at all times. 

5. Before leaving for your trip make copies of your passport, visas, bank cards, birth certificate, driver’s license and other important documents or ID cards. If you find yourself in the situation where you have lost anyone of these it will come in handy to have copies.