Family camping… without leaving your home

Camping is nothing if not an adventure, but with nights away from home suddenly off the cards, it’s time to get creative.

As long as you’re not inviting anyone from outside of the household to join you, a camp-out in the garden is not only do-able, it will be memory making for sure.

Here are LK’s top lockdown home campsite top tips…

Gimme shelter
It’s only going to be for one night, so if that old ten in the loft can still stand upright, drag it down! If you’re totally without, companies like Blacks have amazing sales on right now. 

Long, hot summer
Even if you choose to camp on a warm evening, when temperatures drop, you’ll need to have some old blankets on standby. For just one night, we don’t really recommend a heater, but have a little read of this guide and checkout the GO Outdoors sale if you can’t bear to be chilly. 

Midnight feast 
The kids especially will want lots of treats, so why not choose some snacks that look and taste naughty but, health-wise, are very very nice? We love these recipes over at Active Kids Don’t forget the wet wipes!

Pick a movie
What better accompaniment to the snacks than a great movie? Charge up your device and pick an all-time family favourite. Take a look at Timeout’s guide to 50 must-see family-friendly movies.

Limit the socials
We’re not saying don’t take a family selfie for posterity but make this a night that’s largely socials-free, a chance to bond, an occasion to remember… be present at all times.

Safety first 
Don’t forget to lock your property when you’re in the tent and keep those keys close to you (especially for those trips to the loo). Ensure your mobile is fully charged and there’s a first-aid kit close to hand.