Top up your lockdown energy levels

Sky News recently ran a survey that included asking participants what they were doing more of during lockdown

Obviously, our amazing NHS are busy saving lives and key workers helping make our lives easier, but those of us at home, 49% said they were busy doing more tidying and cleaning and 40% were upping their gardening quota – good stuff, but are you ensuring you’re keeping your mind and body well nourished, especially if you’ve got extra duties added in like home schooling?

Whatever your current situation, LK has come up with some excellent food and drink ideas to keep you alert and on the go.

Pomegranate-berry smoothie
LK thinks this low-calorie drink idea from Good Housekeeping is not only taste bud pleasing but looks – when decorated – spectacular too. Take ½ c chilled pomegranate juice, ½ low-fat vanilla yogurt and 1c frozen mixed berries, place in a blender and power up until pureed. Decorate with fresh berries or those direct from freezer on a warm day. Packed full of antioxidants and the simple sugars in the pomegranates provide a natural energy kick. 

Trail mix
Munchie-beating trail mix (traditionally a snacky combo of granola, dried fruit and nuts) offers endless opportunities to experiment with bits and pieces you find delicious. There’s inspiration aplenty across the web, including 21 must-eat ideas from, featuring an array of eclectic ingredients – including mango, coconut, popcorn, chocolate-covered coffee beans and even Shredded Wheat cereal!

Chicken, hummus & veggie lettuce wrap
This one is packed full of protein and healthy fats, once you’ve discovered it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Liberally spread the hummus onto a large lettuce leaf and then top with two slices of deli turkey, ¼ of a cup of chopped cooked chicken, shredded carrots and thin cucumber slices… now get rolling! Vegans and veggies can add extra veg or meat alternatives.

Energy balls
LK is a big fan of these protein-packed snacks, which are basically rolled balls of goodness (often featuring nut butter) and, just like trail mix, you can make up your own favourite combinations. There are a series of recipes over at Fit Foodie Finds. And, if you’re not one of the 46% of lockdown Brits doing lots more cooking, they’re really quick to create with the help of a blender. 

Iced Coffee
Few can resist a caffeine pick-me-up (including us) and with the summer on our doorstep, the iced variety goes down a treat. We’ve stocked up on two brand-new coffees-to-go from Boost – which not only cool you down and lift your energy levels, but they cost just 99p each. There’s the Boost Iced Coffee Double Espresso with milk (great for mornings) and Boost Iced Coffee Café Latte (lovely in the late afternoon). Keep an eye out for them in your local shop and get social on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Stay energised, stay safe
Remember, if you’re not feeling up to housework or exercise or anything in between right now, no pressure! Just stay safe and remember to try to eat as healthily as possible.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.