Your new favourite radio station revealed

With listening figures soaring, LK tunes you into some of the UK’s best stations and reveals who they’re best suited to…

New figures released by Bauer and Global have revealed that, since the lockdown began, radio stations countrywide have reported a double-digit increase in online listening.

Great news not just for the stations, but for those who have a new-found love for the ‘wireless’ and the joys it can bring… from fab musical memories to breaking global news. Here, LK matches a station to your mood/personality… 

If you can’t do without your news… TalkRadio 
If your thirst for the latest headlines is incorrigible, this one is for you.
Good for… Non-stop conversation, breaking news and debates.

If you love a bit of drama… Radio 4  
Radio 4 is the place to head for drama, the arts and audio documentary.
Good for… Radio drama, arts, culture and media.

If you’re seeking a trip down memory lane… Heart 80s 
There’s something about 80s tunes that puts us all in a more positive mood. 
Good for… Music and feelgood vibes, competitions.

If you’re missing your sport… talkSPORT  
Until fresh fixtures are announced it doesn’t mean talking about the best of sport need stop.
Good for… World’s biggest sports radio station, chat, debate 

If you’ve got a young family that needs entertaining… Fun Kids  
LK loves its positivity and ability to engage with the little ones.
Good for… Chat, music through to overnight music to help anxious kids relax/sleep.

The perfect partner... Geneva Touring S+
Well, LK reckons for portability, superior sound and ease of use, we’re just a little bit in love with the Geneva Touring S+… a next-gen DAB+/FM piece of kit that looks beautiful retro with its rich, leather finish but boasts a thoroughly modern Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker (100Db) and six presets.

Even better, the power-packed battery lasts up to 20 hours, so, if you’re out on your balcony or in the yard relaxing, there’s no need to dash back in to recharge.

Available in black, white, cognac, or red leather finish. RRP £200 (incl. VAT)

Click here to buy online now and connect on Facebook and Instagram 

Staying in doesn’t sound so bad after all does it? And, remember, it’s thanks to you that we’re able to protect the NHS and save lives