Try something new

Getting into a new sport is thrilling, so discover how these three top sports influencers got started and follow suit…  

Running, parkour and scootering – three sports, three opportunities to turn your fitness or even your life around by getting stuck in. 

Boost Sport – provider of hydrating and refreshing isotonic drinks – has enlisted three sporting influencers to guide YOU over the starting line…

Be a running bean!
Charlie Watson from The Runner Beans is a registered dietician and runner. Unbelievably, this influencer only began running in 2012 after deciding to run the London Marathon in memory of a friend. Only problem was, she’d never run before! Now she inspires others and believes if she can run, anyone can! She says one of the greatest benefits is the boost to mental health: “It’s the perfect time to switch off from technology,” says Charlie, “enjoy your local surroundings, think things through or switch off from your everyday life.” 

Check out Charlie’s top running tips here

Social scootering 
19-year-old Dante Hutchinson hails from Eastbourne and rides scooters professionally. Watching him in action will blow your mind! He got into scootering after riding his BMX passed the waterfront skateparks and deciding to try something new. Dante says the social aspect of the sport can’t be underestimated: “You’ll be meeting new riders from different towns and different countries – new levels, big levels, it’s good to just bring it into one park and all kill it together.”

Check out Dante in action and hear his top tips here

Fancy Parkour life?
Yep, parkour looks incredible but “not the sort of thing that I could do”, right? Wrong! Harrison Fernandez, personal trainer and parkour genius, is here to encourage participation and offer bags of advice on his preferred sport. “I  did heaps of other sports before – football, rugby, boxing,” says Harrison, “but I just love the freedom that parkour provides; just getting out, travelling the world, meeting new friends and pushing my limits to the maximum.”

Harrison got into his sport by watching online videos, you could too! Catch Harrison and hear his advice on getting into parkour here 

Discover how Boost Sport can help you refresh and kickstart your new sport journey with prizes to be won to help you get started.

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