Staying safe on winter walks

From a layering up to being visible on the go – embrace the great outdoors safely this winter

Layer up
Don’t be caught out in the cold and opt for a layering system which will help to keep you at a comfortable heat on your hike. Start with a light synthetic fabric to help draw away sweat before adding a fleece or sweater for insulation. Add a third waterproof layer to help you keep dry – don’t forget your hat and gloves to prevent heat loss.

Wear weather appropriate footwear such as boots with rubber soles and non-slip tread – especially important during periods of wet weather. Slick leather or plastic soles increase the risk of slipping which could lead to injury.

Be visible
Winter walking will often mean low light conditions while the nights will draw in quick. Make sure you are clearly seen by adding reflective strips to your clothing or by wearing a brightly coloured jacket so you can be seen from a distance.

Tell someone where you are going
Make sure somebody at home knows where you are going and time you are expected back. Taking a fully charged mobile phone complete with power bank is a great way to help keep in touch if you run into trouble. Evener better, take someone along with you. It means you will have double the amount of kit and will help keep you motivated.