Is Manuka honey fit for sport?

Boost athletic performance and recovery with the power of Manuka honey

From A-List celebrities to the world’s top athletes, Manuka honey has quickly become one of the most famous superfoods in the world.

Native to New Zealand, Manuka honey provides up to four times the nutritional make-up of normal honeys and has a number of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which set it apart from regular honey.

While it’s is probably most renowned for its wound-healing properties, Manuka honey has quickly become a must-have for athletes due to it being a source of excellent natural energy.

Used by Olympic runners in ancient Greece, honey is the perfect performance fuel due to its natural unrefined sugars which are easily absorbed by the body. Studies have shown honey performs on a par with glucose, the sugar found in most commercial energy gels.

It also takes longer for the body to digest, which means energy ‘trickles’ into the body, helping boost physical performance over long distances.

According to healthy eating author Dale Pinnock in Men’s Running Magazine Manuka honey can keep you going during training.

He said: ‘Manuka honey has so many health benefits from improving digestion to boosting your energy and is a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle’.

Manuka honey also helps improve gut function which is integral to how the body performs during exercise. It also contains 22 amino acids that are essential for muscle repair and is packed with essential B-vitamins, crucial for high intensity workouts.

With so many performance benefits, why not give Manuka honey a try?