World of marathons

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next marathon then take a look at these around the world options

Rome Marathon, March

Imagine yourself as a gladiator as you run through the historic streets of Rome. Starting at the Colosseum, you’ll make your way along the Tiber, veering off to run through the sights and landmarks that make Rome one of the most visited cities on the planet. The cobble stone surfaces won’t be for everyone but the thought of awesome Italian food will drive you to the finish!

Berlin, September
Keep the pace at one of the world’s fastest in one of Europe’s coolest cities. The BMW Berlin Marathon regularly attracts around 40,000 runners and over a million spectators each year. Run past some of the city’s best sights including the Reichstag, Berliner Dom, Potsdamer Platz, and the Brandernburg Gate, close to the finish line.

Midnight Sun Tromsø, June
Situated at the very top of Norway, 400km above the Arctic Circle, this is one for the thrill seekers. Taking place towards the end of June every year when Norway’s skies stay brightest the longest, the marathon starts at 8.30pm. You’ll be treated to spectacular views as you make your way around Tromsø city centre and soak up the midnight sun.

Great Wall Marathon, May
Run along the Great Wall of China to the east of Beijing. The gruelling route takes the average runner twice as long to complete than usual, due to the sheer amount of climbing involved which includes a giant staircases comprising of a whopping 5,164 steps.

New York, November
Runners from across the globe unite to take part in this race which takes in the historic neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Experience a unique and memorable way of enjoying one of the world’s greatest cities cheered on by enthusiastic crowds driving you to the finish.