New-gen chef, Sam Way

Cook up a treat with this social media star 

A self-taught home cook, Sam has taken social media by storm with his hypnotising, fast paced and satisfyingly tasty TikTok cooking videos.

The 23-year-old from Oxford has earned more than one million followers on Instagram and over a million views on TikTok with his 60-second recipe videos.

He’s one of a new wave of digital chefs who are posting cookery videos online as they jostle to become the next generation of big names and launch their restaurant empires.

Sam quit his property job to follow his cooking dreams and is now on a quest to discover authentic food as he whips up cuisine from across the world including India, France, Italy and Japan.

Sam’s account has details of all the meals he's made from different continents such as truffle and mushroom arancini from Europe and chicken katsu curry from Asia.

While Sam is self-taught – he’s taken his cooking inspiration from his parents who both love to cook and have passed on their skills in the kitchen. In an interview the rising star said: “Both my mum and dad cook so I learned a lot of skills from them. One day I’d love to do cookbooks, cookery shows and pop-up food trucks.”

Sam aspires to make every element of his dishes accessible through his videos and share his decadent home cooking with his legion of online followers.

The natural cookery star provides step-by-step instructions for his recipes, covering everything from chutney’s to pickled cucumber to ramen noodles and even how to make you own cheese.

Among his signature dishes are crispy chicken wings which are marinated for two hours in a tasty cocktail of pickle juice and smoked paprika.

And, to salivate the taste buds evens further, each stage of his recipe videos is accompanied by a hypnotic rhythm sound which helps amplify his gourmet quality cooking. Tasty.

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