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Paraclimbing pioneers – the club that’s making climbing accessible to everyone

‘Start with yes and then figure out how.’ That’s the approach a groundbreaking club takes to ensure that climbing is a sport for all, promoting inclusivity and diversity. The Scottish Paraclimbing Club, based at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, is standing out as a shining beacon of inclusivity and empowerment thanks to its positive method to overcoming challenges.

Every body climbs
Recently awarded ‘Club of the Month’ by the Every Body Moves campaign, the club has an unwavering commitment to making climbing accessible to individuals with diverse impairments. Thanks to a dedicated team of skilled instructors and a range of adaptive equipment, they've shattered the notion that climbing is a sport limited by physical ability.

But the club's impact goes beyond just climbing. Supported by ClimbScotland and Scottish Disability Sport, this volunteer-led community fosters a nurturing environment where participants conquer challenges and reach new heights, both literally and metaphorically.

Inclusion is essential
The Scottish Paraclimbing Club doesn't stop at providing climbing opportunities either; they're also cultivating future instructors from their ranks, ensuring that the spirit of inclusivity continues to grow. 

While many climbing centres remain hesitant to offer adaptive sessions due to resource and training constraints, the Scottish Paraclimbing Club champions the idea that inclusion is not just possible but essential. This positive and supportive approach extends to both their facilities and coaches, creating a thriving community where everybody can climb, conquer, and rise to new heights. 

See for yourself how the Scottish Paraclimbing Club is using the power of 'yes' to transform challenges into triumphs via this video. Pick Paraclimbing Every Body Moves (EBM) is dedicated to promoting adaptive climbing for individuals with various physical abilities with a mission to foster welcoming and supportive environments where climbers of all backgrounds can thrive. 

Paraclimbing has become a focal point for the adaptive climbing community at a number of venues around the UK. Each offers a wide range of programs and events to cater to climbers' diverse needs, helping them achieve their full potential. The dedication to inclusivity and outreach has earned several clubs – including the West Midland Paraclimbing Club - recognition as EBM 'Club of the Month,' celebrating their unwavering commitment to making climbing accessible to everyone.

For those looking to get active and seeking inclusive movement experiences, head to Every Body Moves and discover a world where limitations are redefined.

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