Caring for your yoga mat

Don't be lax on love and care for your number one piece of yoga gear.

When it comes to yoga, finding the right mat is just as important as finding clothes that will flex and breath with pose after pose. Especially if you've spent good money on a top class mat, you should be sure to take great care of your mat before, during and after every session.

Firstly, you should always use a towel over your yoga mat when working out as it helps to protect your mat from wear. Also, you should make sure to turn the mat every so often so that you use every bit of its surface area and the wear over time becomes even.  

Keeping your mat clean after use is very important to its longevity. After a workout, you need to wash the mat with either a specialised yoga mat cleaning spray, yoga mat wipes or simply with water. 

Many studios have spray bottles outside the rooms so that yogis can spritz their mat right after the work out. When drying the mat, don't press down or squeeze it, but rather pat it down and let it hang out to dry.

Lastly, when storing your mat always be sure to keep it in a dry area out of the sun and wrapped only loosely or laid flat to keep it from stretching.