The future of bikes is now: introducing the Denny

A team of American designers may be on the cusp of revolutionising the way people cycle with an amazing new bike design that could eliminate the need for gear shifting and carrying locks. 

The Teague designers in Seattle, Washington have created the Denny, initially with the hilly and rainy city in mind. If you loathe switching gears on hills or if you are concerned with night time visibility, this bike will have you totally covered ñ as soon as it is actually available. Yes, that's right, the bike is currently a mere prototype at the moment, being entered into the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project contest, the winner of which will actually go into production.

The current incarnation of the bike boasts a minimal appearance with handlebars that can completely detach to be secured to the frame, or used as its very own locking system. No more panicking over a forgotten lock set! The bike also features a small front motor with removable battery that both does the work for you on steep hills as well as provide power to brake lights and turn signals that increase visibility and keep the rider more safe. 

Also packed into the frame is a computing system that automatically changes gears for you! (Gadget Review)