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Be safe in the sun

When it comes to sun damage, there are far more burning issues than being mistaken...

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World famous one mile

Fancy running with Sir Mo Farah? Join him at at this year’s Westminster Mile...

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Ease yourself into a new winter regime

Many of us will have raced into 2018 with a bagful of good intentions.

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Keep on top of things

To-do lists are basically the grown-up version of revision timetables; no matter how pretty they look

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Winter colds, flus & the blues

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Feet first

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Trampolining – Jump on!

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Hello Boogie Bounce!

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Protein – not just for body builders!

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Welcome more protein onto your plate

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Rainbow Salad Protein Wrap

This recipe is quick and easy to put together and packed ful… Read More

Warming up and cooling down

It’s vital to warm up before exercise, and cool down once yo… Read More

Protein for life

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Tone Def

Define your muscles and improve your core strength with our … Read More

How to maintain a healthy shoulder

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or Olympic athlete, ensurin… Read More


To improve flexibility, avoid injury and establish good over… Read More

Supplements for cyclists

Cycling can be on the track or on the road, it can be a comp… Read More

Vitamin spotlight: C

Vitamin C is an important building block for the body. It is… Read More

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Superdrug Spaa Foot File


Keep feet looking and feeling great by regularly filing away unwanted dry or hard skin.

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Bifonazole Cream


Bid farewell to the fungi! Apply this soothing super-active cream daily. Always read the label.

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Freeman Bare Foot Cream


Lavender soothes whilst the cool mint melts away foot aches and pains. Smells delicious too!

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Honey and Almond Foot Pack


Soft feet stop blisters’, so always moisturise with this vit E-packed 20-minute mask.

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Dri-Fit Anti-Blister Qtr Sock


Great fit (pick a size), supreme comfort and cushioning meets Dri-FIT technology. Blisters are history!

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